What's in a model! Creating credible, flexible 3D geometry for long term value...

Welcome to our new site – It’s been a while coming but after much work during the pandemic, we’re finally up and running. Geometryshop is a new dimension and direction to what we do and was borne out of a desire to be able to offer generic, high quality, engineering level models for use in projects, helping to keep cost down but speed up delivery.

Many times over the years, our Clients have commissioned 3D projects, then subsequently required further material, sometimes years later from that initial data-set. Assets have often been re-purposed for different uses, helping to save serious amounts of time and project fees. We’ve been asked to adapt existing 3D data for new 2D material, to create 3D prints or realistic scale replicas, even cardboard build kits, all from what was originally perhaps an animation project. To cater to this broad breadth of uses, we’ve gradually adapted the way we design, build, use and store 3D data for all our projects, borrowing technology and teqhniques from the Engineering world. With Geometryshop we hope to be able to offer some of this flexibility more widely.

Here in our blog section, I'll be expanding on the 3D development of some of our own products over the coming weeks, from initial design and block modelling through to detailing, rigging and simulation.

CAD image of Hydro Turbine