• Generic Geared Wind Turbine cut-away rendering.
  • Generic Geared Wind Turbine side view rendering.
  • Generic Geared Wind Turbine gearbox, close up rendering.
  • Generic Geared Wind Turbine, elevated rear view rendering over countryside.
  • Generic Geared Wind Turbine cut-away chalk rendering showing gearbox and generator internals.
  • Generic Geared Wind Turbine drivtrain assembly chalk rendering front view.
  • Generic Geared Wind Turbine chalk rendered exploded view showing gearbox and drivetrain cut-away.
  • Generic Geared Wind Turbine chalk rendered exploded view showing gearbox and drivetrain cut-away close in.
  • Geared Wind Turbine hub pitching bearing close up, development rendering.
  • Geared Wind Turbine yaw bearing section. Development rendering showing slewing ring and braking arrangement.



This is a detailed, solid-model assembly of a typical geared Wind Turbine (approx. 2MW in size). It contains around 6500 objects and has been developed so that content focused on systems, components, functions or lubricants could be produced with it.

Within the Nacelle, a structural frame supports main bearings, rotor and gearbox. The gearbox itself is a standard 3 stage design (approx 1:100 ratio), the first stage being planetary. The kinematics for the gearbox have been carefully modelled to work accurately.

The blade pitching systems are driven by hydraulic rams and bearings are modelled with cutaway segments. The generator includes the core, windings for 3-phase output, 4 pole rotor, bearing and cooling systems. The dry-type transformer is located at the rear of the Nacelle. Yaw bearings and braking system are also included.

Available to hire as a full or partial model - Options include:

  • Hire Full Model + Production Fees
  • Hire Drivetrain Model + Production Fees
  • Hire Gearbox Model + Production Fees
  • Hire Exterior Model + Production Fees


  • Please contact us for pricing information. Email sales.
  • Model Hire covers production use for a 12 month period.
  • We quote Production Fees on a case by case basis once we understand your requirements in detail.
  • Any content produced is licensed depending on project requirements.


Our Video and Illustration assets are being prepared with the same goal as our 3D models, to be modular resources.

This section is in development at the moment. For further information please email us at sales. We will also be able to supply large scale prints and proofs.


  • Rendered to HD1080p 25fps
  • Alpha mattes included where practical
  • Supplied as high quality H.264 encoded media (.mp4)
  • Master file supplied as DNxHD file


  • Alpha Channels included where practical
  • Master files supplied as tifs (AdodeRGB profile)
  • High Quality CMYK conversions (FOGRA51) for Print resolutions
  • Custom resolutions available on request
For further pricing or information on any of the above - Please email sales.