Welcome to Geometryshop. High-quality, generic 3D assets, available to hire.

Our Geometryshop is a new side to what we do - Its a service to produce content using our own pre-built CAD data - Essentially, 3D models for hire. We don't supply the 3D model data itself, rather customise and adapt it to your specific need in our studio, supplying material produced with it. We charge a hire fee for use of our model, plus production fees to generate content from it. We quote these fees on an individual basis once we understand your requirenments. Once produced, material is licensed to you depending on project requirements.

Based on experience in the Energy sector, our products are intended as digital stage-sets on which to tell technical stories. All our models are built using parametric solid-modelling techniques. This provides a great deal of precision and flexibility when adapting data to suit individual requirements.

An example - Let's say content promoting hydraulic components for a Wind Turbine were needed. We could accept CAD data for those components (or build these against drawings supplied), customising our model as a backdrop to suit your product(s), generating rendered content to showcase key benefits.

  Hiring our 3D data has several benefits:

1   Time & Cost - The upfront expense of developing models like these is borne by us not you – We spread that investment over multiple jobs, providing significant savings in time and cost for your project.

2   It's Generic - Having something brand-less as a backdrop means no restrictions or complications when it comes to using content for a wide variety of commercial uses.

3   Avoid The Hassle - When you hire our data you are also hiring our expertise. Let us take on the heavy lifting - organising, preparing and rigging data to build compelling material for you.

4   Flexibility - Having models as solid geometry rather than purely polygon based formats allows us to customise and adapt data much more efficiently to suit your needs.

  If you are interested in hiring any of these 3D Models please email sales for more information. Click on a product below to see more.


If you are interested in using any of these 3D Models, Clips or Images for your project, please email sales. We can then confirm pricing, requirements and answer any questions.